The marathon of epicness!

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Today im am reliving my childhood by watching all 7, yes i said 7, seasons of Are You Afraid of the Dark! 13 episodes per season each episode about 22 minutes long! Let the epicness begin!


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13 years ago when i was 10 i left school early that morning and ended up spending ALL day sitting in a hospital waiting room waiting patiently for my one and only brother to be born! So finally after what felt like 10 years of waiting he was finally born. Brandon Sam Brackett! I was one of the first to hold him and i made his name plate for his little bed they put in front of the window! :) But now he is turning 13 today and i still love him just as much now as i did when my dad put him in my arms for the first time! Happy Birthday Bubba!

New favorite website!

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This website is very very funny! Awesome music video parodies of some of today's biggest celebs and some other funny sketches! Enjoy!

It wont let me get the the code to put the video on here so here the link to my favorite!

This is even better!

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Thanks to Mr. Stephen Greene i have found the actual Chatroulette Overlord!
WARNING This video may scare small children!


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How come when I went on chatroulette all I saw was penises and one pair of national geographic nipples? Where was this guy? lol He is the Chatroulette Overlord!

Suprise Trust Fall

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Surprise Trust Falls are the best things to happen to mankind since porn! lol

Going old school!

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OK my my precious 2 year old niece Lexi came home from a long day of Easter egg hunting with baskets full of candies. But only one caught my eye, a watermelon Ring Pop! I saw it and immediately reverted into my 10 year old self, ran over grabbed it out of her basket and proceeded to hide it in my room for later enjoyment! And i have to admit this is the best ring pop i've ever had the pleasure of wearing on my pinky!

Why Hollywood, Why?

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Everywhere i turn these days im seeing adverts for "new" movies, but the thing that pisses me off is that the movies being advertised aren't in fact NEW! Apparently Hollywood is unable to come up with an original idea for a movie so they look to every other country in the world to see which of their movies they can steal and turn into a huge pile of crap! Why Hollywood, Why must you take perfectly good, often great, sometimes brilliant foreign movies and try to "put an American spin" on it? You can't put an American spin on a foreign movie, for if you could it would have been made in America! Now I've seen my fair share of rumors floating about on the internet talking about an American remake of some amazing Japanese films like "Old Boy" and "Battle Royale". I can say now that those movies will never be made in America because for some ungodly reason the majority of Americans don't like anything more hardcore than Barney the Dinosaur! And there are even rumors of bringing the hit E4 British Teen Drama TV show "Skins" to America and i can say now that show wont last long at all because all that show is is bad language sex drugs and alcohol, and its one of the best shows I've ever seen, but the FCC would never allow that show on American television because god forbid kids learn what its like outside their posh gated communities! So in conclusion American remakes of foreign movies (and sometimes even our own) are 9 times out of 10 complete shit!

Heres a list of movies that are Doomed to fail because we're doing a remake:

Death at a Funeral- awesomely funny British comedy turned into just another Tyler Perry black power movie!
Old Boy- its been reported that Steven Spielsberg and Will Smith are doing a remake of the 2003 Japanese movie...and even though Smith is awesome this movie will fail!
Let the Right one In- This is one of my favorite movies ever made. This is a Swedish vampire movie, and i dont mean the sparkly depressed vampire, i mean real vampire...kinda. The vampire is an 11 year old girl! The movie isn't all about gore and carnage its a beautiful movie about friendship...and some gore and carnage! :) but now its being remade in America and although the cast looks promising, I'm not holding my breath!

Happy Birthday Mama!

Today is the birthday of the woman who not only gave birth to me but put up with all my crap over the years! I love you mama! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

p.s. I bet Heather didn't put your birthday on her blog! Who's the favorite now? :)

I Scream You Scream We All Scream When We See The Ice Cream Man

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What is is about hearing "Mary had a little lamb" or "She'll be coming around the mountain" and seeing an old man in a rusty old truck or van that turns even the grownest of grown ups into a 10 year old? All i know is Chocolate Eclair equals Epic Win!