For the love of food!

Friday, April 2, 2010 2:19 PM Posted by Jeremy Heath
OK blog people i have found the newest entry into the Heath Brackett Hall-o-Food! A few years ago i was taken to a Hooters in the downtown Memphis area and was told to try a "fried pickle" Obviously i was taken aback by the idea of deep fried pickles but after the first bite i was in food heaven and i was being greeted by a naked Rachael Ray and loving every second if it! so now im on a quest to find the best fried pickles...but sadly ive only been able to try these delicious delights from about 5 different places! But i have a new make the perfect fried pickle myself! So if anyone out there in the blogging world has an idea of how to make the perfect fried pickle let me know! and i will keep you updated on my journey for the perfect fried pickle! :)

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