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Thursday, April 1, 2010 5:20 PM Posted by Jeremy Heath
For those who did not believe me when i said i was a nerd, well here is your proof. My first entry into this blog is about Doctor Who! Yeah who's a nerd now! :)

For British fans and those faithful American fans im sure you will all join me in my nerdy bliss over the premiere of the 5th series (or to those hardcore Whovians the 31st season) of Doctor Who where we will get our first glimpse at the 11th Doctor. I don't know about the rest of you but even though im very sad to see David Tennant leave the TARDIS, im very excited to see how well Matt Smith handles the role being that he is the youngest person to play the part, but from what i can see from the trailers and other clips from the show he seems to be fitting in quite nicely.

So Amy Pond is the new companion and she looks even younger than Matt but they seem like a great team so dont count her out yet. Now if we can travel back a little bit and talk about past companions that would be great. Can anyone tell me why most Doctor Who fans loved Rose (Billie Piper) so much? She was ok in the beginning with Christopher Eccelston but got way too attached with David and was just plain out annoying and whiny in the finales! I believe Donna (Katherine Tate) was the best companion because they didnt try to make a love connection between her and the doctor. Her acting was spot on, her emotions felt real and her character and the Doctor were equally funny and an all around great match!

So all in all im excited about the new series and cant wait to watch it. I'll put the trailer at the bottom in case you havent seen it and for those who dont know when the new series begins ill be happy to inform you. It start April 3rd in the UK and April 17th on BBC America (unless you know where to look online lol).

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